Dulwich Deluxe

Myself and two of my favourite artists to work with, Shanie Wright and Holly Fowles-Pazdro helped a wonderful bridal party in Dulwich get ready last weekend. The bride, had a real 20s influence in her dress, makeup and bridesmaids dresses. They all adorned a beautiful unique fur shawl with a beautiful broch. What could be more glamorous! 

I was only doing hair for this particular wedding. First of all I did the maid of honours hair. She had some hair extensions that hadn't been worn before so I cut them to shape and length and put those into her hair to incorporate them into the style below without looking like shes wearing extensions!

Next I had another bridesmaid who wanted a modern textured take on a french twist. I first tonged her hair with a big curling tong to add texture and movement before then beckcombing and styling into the style. 

Finally, it was time to get the bride ready!! I also had to put in and place hair extensions to create a romantic chignon with volume from the extensions. This was before the veil and hair accessory was placed into her hair. 

She looked an absolute dream. I adored her dress, she brought it over from Australia where she's currently living. So much 20s elegance in her look for her big day and I have to say we were all blown away by the way she looked!